The Southern African HIV Clinicians Society is a membership organisation for health care professionals.
The Society supports and strengthens the capacity of its members to deliver high quality HIV prevention, care and treatment services.

The Southern African Journal of HIV Medicine is focused on HIV/AIDS treatment, prevention and related topics relevant to clinical and public health practice. The purpose of the journal is to disseminate original research results and to support high-level learning related to HIV Medicine. It publishes original research articles, editorials, case reports/case series, reviews of state-of-the-art clinical practice, and correspondence.

Since 2010, the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society has produced a magazine specifically for nurses working in HIV; HIV Nursing Matters. The magazine is led by an Editorial Advisory Board, and serves as a resource for nurses in the region providing HIV services, including the initiation and management of antiretroviral treatment.

Practice Guidelines 
SAHCS appoints expert committees to aid in developing guidelines that address aspects of prevention and management of  HIV, and related disease. View the current guidelines here.

Advanced Clinical HIV Management Online Course for Doctors 

This comprehensive course is recommended for doctors who would like to increase their HIV knowledge and skills in order to better manage their adult and/or paediatric patients living with HIV. It covers aspects from the basic science of HIV through to clinical management of HIV and comorbidities.

This course is highly recommended for doctors preparing for the CMSA Diploma in HIV Management.

The course includes the following modules:
Module 1: Introduction: Information on the course and the Diploma in HIV Management.
Module 2: Basic Science: Epidemiology, Virology and Immunology
Module 3: Diagnosis, Counselling and Disclosure
Module 4: HIV Prevention and management of other STIS
Module 5: ART including principles, monitoring, treatment failure and treatment optimisation
Module 6: Reproductive Health and Pre-conception
Module 7: Paediatrics and Adolescents, including diagnosis and management
Module 8: Sensitisation and Key Populations
Module 9: Organ systems, including neurological, respiratory, hepatic, renal and dermatological
Module 10: Oncology, psychiatry and ageing
Module 11: TB
Module 12: Palliative care
Module 13: Health Systems and Programme evaluation
Cost: R6,900 including VAT

For more information or to register, please email