San Antonio Spurs Documentary Episode 5: dallas maverick gear The Fall of a Dynasty

Welcome back Spurs Fans,

My name is Kyle Ledbetter, and I host/produce the Take It Easy Podcast with BLEAV. I also have the distinct honor of being able to write and produce this 5 Part Documentary Podcast Series on the San Antonio Spurs in Partnership with Pounding the Rock.

This is our 5th and Final Episode of the Series. The first 4 Ep mav jersey isodes are also available now, and I encourage you to listen to those fir NBA Apparel for Women st.

Episode 1: History of the Spurs Dynasty, from the 1987 and 1997 Draft Lotteries, through the first 4 Championships, and the Draft Day trade for Kawhi Leonard. You can listen to that Episode Here

Episode 2: The life and career of Gregg Popovich. You can listen to that Episode Here.

Episode 3: The life and career of Kawhi Leonard, and the Spurs Dynasty from 2014-2017. You can listen to that Episode Here

Episode 4: Breaking down everything that happened during the 2018 Spurs Season, and the Fallout with Kawhi Leonard. You can listen to that Episode Here

On Episode 5 of The Fall of the Spurs Dynasty, we are going to follow the divergent paths of Kawhi Leonard, the Spurs, and Gre NBA Eastern Conference Champs gg Popovich. We discuss all the details of the Kawhi Leonard Trade, and how the Toronto Raptors ended up getting involved in the first Place.

We discuss Kawhi’s new apparel deal with New Balance, the magical 2019 season for him and Toronto, plus Kawhi’s chaotic Free Agency in the Summer of 2019, including his cold calls with NBA stars and being chased by helicopters across Canada.

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We break down the 3 years of Spurs basketball following the Kawhi trade. We also discuss the end of the Spurs 22 year playoff streak, Spurs players leaving the team, and whether Gregg Popovich mismanaged DeMar DeRozan.

We also present our Final Thoughts for the Podcast and t luk NBA Hats a doncic jersey poster he Spurs Dynasty.

Thank you so much to all of you in the Pounding the Rock Community!!! I’ve been blown away by the amount of support and engagement you’ve shown this Documentary S luka doncic jersey for boys eries. It’s been a real delight to make it over the past 2 months, and I’m proud to have been able to share it with Markelle Fultz all of you!!!


Leave your comments, thoughts concerns, questions, opinions, and any other words you’d like to share!!!

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