Pounding the Rock Basketball Termi dallas mavericks store nology Quiz: Half IV

New York Knicks v San Antonio Spurs Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

San Antonio Spurs fans showed off their smarts in our ongoing basketball quiz series, with more than 42% of participants scoring an 80 or higher on the third test. With grades rising, we decided to retain mavs new jerseys the multiple- NBA Home and Office Supplies choice format and ditch fill-in-the-blank questions altogether.

For the fourth installment of our brief examinations, Pounders must watch 12 clips and choose which answer matches the technique they saw Tim Duncan . Every test gets increasingly challenging, so feel free to check o luka doncic jersey for kids ut our basketball vocabulary crash course for a helpful refresher.

Before you get started, here are the answers from part three:

1. 45 Cut

2. Backdoor Cut

3. All Michael Jordan of the Above

4. Danny Green Cut

5. Iverson Cut

6. Laker Cut

7. Pierce Cut

8. Slip Cut

9. Back Screen

10. Brush Screen

11. Cross Screen

12. Double Drag

13. Elevator Screen

14. Flare Screen

15. Ghost Screen

16. Ram

17. Pindown Screen

18. Stagger Sc nowitzki jersey reen

Bonus: “Rejecting”

Bonus: “Slipping”

Let us know how you think you did on part four, and make sure to check in next week when we reveal all the correct answers in part five.

Special thanks to The Basketball Dictionary, The Basketball Action Dictionary, Unforgiving Ho luka doncic jersey adult ops, Coach Daniel luka doncic jersey boys , Half Court Hoops, hoopvision68, Adam Spinella, and Stephen Noh for providing FREE resources for people with a thirst for basketball knowledge.

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