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2022 NBA Draft

New Suit Time!
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That’s quite a suit, Big Banker. Purple with crystals will be hard to beat.

Here we are, with the NBA draft moments away, (or if you’re reading later, underway, or over).

I’m going to blog about picks, trades, speculation in real time. I may post your comments up here as well, if you are more insightful than me, which is likely. Or are snarkier than me.

The Rockets have three picks, the NBA seems possibly primed for tr women's dallas mavericks apparel ades, the mood is expectant. Some say the top 3 picks are set, some say they aren’t, and you can bet on it (which would seem to involve some moral hazard if you have some inside knowledge, but I’m not that worried about the fate of the gambling touts, to be honest.)

Anyhow, we’re getting close. The suits are flying! The speculation (the endless speculation) all comes down to this. Soon we will know. Soon, the world will know.

Pre-Draft Rumors Swirling

The Banchero May Be Going to Go To Orlando 1-1!

Matisse The Brick Artist Thybulle Could Be Moved from The 76ers!

Pick 1

And here we have it. The Magic’s moment. Woj pops out to say it’s Banchero! This is an NBA Sweatpants upset.

The Magic Pick…Paolo Banchero.

I can’t say that made me happy.

Pick 2

Ok, I don’t know how Sam Presti doesn’t take the compete set of Giddey, Poku and Chet Holmgren. 21ft tall, 550lbs total heights and weights.

And Scrooge McDuck selects…Chet Holmgren! The complete set!

Pick 3


The Rockets are likely to pick Jabari right? Jabari Smith is on the phone…

And the Rockets take…Jabari Smith!

Pick 4

KANGZ gonna KANGZ. It is Keegan Murray.

Honestly, a guy who can shoot the basketball and score all sorts of ways. But where does he play? Why do they like older guys? Some people do.

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Pick 5

Jaden Ivy goes to Detroit. This draft fell out perfectly for the Pistons. He’s going to look great next to Cade.

Pick 6

The Pacers get Mathurin and his very cool suit. A multinational guy who speaks multiple languages and has lived in four countries is bound to ADORE Indiana. Mexico City and Montreal don’t have…um, don’t have Hoosiers, that’s what!

Pick 7

Ok, trying to do this, make dinner and talk on Spotify Greenroom is quite a lot of multi-tasking. The Portland Trailblazers have selected, The Mysterious Shaedon Sharpe, a guy who hasn’t played a lot of basketball lately. He might be like Simons, a talent guy they can bring along slowly.

Pick 8

The Pelicans, with, I promised I wouldn’t laugh, the Lakers pick, select Dyson Daniels, the Australian. He could do very well for them.

Pick 9

The San Antonio Spurs keep it Texas, with Baylors Jeremy Sochan. That guy is going to be really, really, annoying for years.

Pick 10

Johnny Davis is going to the Wizards. Ok.

Pick 11

Knicks select – Ousman Dieng. Wait, a trade. He’s a Thunder! Chet! Giddey! Poku! Dieng! Wow. They’re really tall. Really skinny. I’d hoped that OKC would make ALL those picks Presti collected, but I guess he really wanted Dieng. Whatever the market advantage is on super tall skinny guys, OKC is all in!

Pick 12

Jalen Williams. We didn’t get another Jalen.

Pick 13

Charlotte goes with Jalen Duren. In another age this guy might have been top 3. The lobs from Lamelo should be really fun. Wait, LOBS FROM CADE. Detroit is having a really good night. Or a fun one, anyway. Duren is Detroit bound. 2025 Milwaukee Bucks pick goes to Charlotte, according to The Woj. Jaden and Jalen are two really good picks for the suddenly unmoribund Pistons.

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Pick 14

Ochai Agbaji. NVP has described Kansas as a Bust Factory, and it basically is, until proven other dallas mavericks jersey wise. Sorry Ochai.

Pick 15

The Hornets load up on centers after all. They’ve got several, NBA Beanies but Mark Williams might well be the best.

Pick 16

The Atlanta Hawks make a bet on medical science! It’s AJ Griffin from Duke. The man who would not disclose his medical records is going to Atlanta. This looks like a good bet for them. More shooting with Trey is probably a good idea.

SIDEBARJabari Smith is looking a lot happier, with a Rockets hat on now. He has maybe considered that he’s the starting PF from day 1 on a team that’s been luka doncic jersey youth medium a lot better than Orlando over the past couple of decades overall. He’s just mentioned having a chip on his shoulder, and I believe him. He seems like a nice kid.

Pick 17

It’s Rockets Time! Who is left, Jay Bilas? Wait, it’s…Tari Eason. Who was not expected to be here by many. Wow. Defense has arrived! Undersized Rockets? Nope. Not anymore.

Pick 18

Chicago Bulls take Dalen Terry. That’s interesting.

Pick 19

Jake Laravia. Ok Timberwolfs.

Pick 20

I’m back. Spurs take Branham. Nice pick here. Spurs are annoying me, which isn’t unusual.

Pick 21

Nuggets take Christian Braun from Kansas. I must admit, I know little about him.

Pick 22

Walker Kessler goes…somewhere.

Pick 23

David Roddy, the Peoples Champion, goes to Memphis. I am looking forward to see him plow through the OKC Thunders fields of delicate stalks and/or limbs, leaving weeping behind him.

Pick 24

Marjon Beauchamp is just the sort of guy the Bucks love. An athlete who might become more.

Pick 25

Wesley to the Spurs.

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Pick 26

Rockets on the Clock – and it’s…Wendell Moore? Well, the Rockets got a Duke guy in the end I guess. Nope. They didn’t. An expansion of the Christian Wood trade sends Moore to Minnesota, and the Rockets get…????

Woj now reporting Rockets get pick #29 and two future second round picks. The future is now, or later?

Pick 27

Miami Heat take Nikola Jovic at 27. He’s The New Duncan Robinson?

Pick 28

Patrick Baldwin Jr of Milwaukee. If anyone can straighten him out, it’s Golden State. They found Andrew Wiggins’ heart, after all.

Pick 29 – The Rockets A Devin Booker re In Theory Picking Here

Ty Ty.

Ty Ty Washington is the pick here. Woo hoo. It’s a PG!

Pick 30

Peyton Watson. Denver has gone for security through obscurity tonight.

So between sharing these opinions, such as they are, and other opinions on The Dreamtake Spotify tonight, I’m a little fried. I’ll be around, but no more writing today, except in comments.

Fun night.

What do you think?


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