Desmond Bane’s luka doncic jersey toddler 3-point contest efficiency and extra on All-Star Saturday evening

NBA: All Star Saturday Night Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

It’s All Star Weekend, and Skills Challenge Day has arrived! First off, they start with the shooting skills challenge.


The rookie 3 consisted of Josh Giddey, Cade Cunningham, and Scottie Barnes. They start off the shooting challenge with Giddey as the first on bat. He scored 16 points playing the right corner, where he specifically shot only on the two and four-point shot spots. Cade came after and struggled more but finished with 10 points total. Scottie came out even worse and had only 6 points.

The Antetokou 2020-21 NBA City Jerseys nmpo brothers — which were Alex, Thanasis and Giannis — were next. Alex and Giannis both scored 8 points, while Thanisis scored like 6. Needless to say the brothers finished third in shooting. The Cavs rolled out Darius Garland, Evan Mobley, and Jarrett Allen. Things went exactly as you would expect. Now Allen struggled as he’s not known to be a shooter anyways. However, Mobley and Garland made up for his struggles and then some. Both Garland and Mobley scored 21 points apiece and tied each other for the shooting score game-high.

The Antetokounmpo brothers bounced back and won the passing competition, as they mostly played the long passes successfully, which turned out to be a great strategy considering their shooting expose.

The Antetokounmpo brothers were ultimately eliminated first as, the Cavs and the Rooks advanced to the final round. Evan Mobley went federal in the last round to win the competition for The Cavs. MoneyBagg Yo couldn’t be more proud watching a shooter. The Skills challenge changes are awesome to start.


The About Last Night Game was horrible. It consisted of Dating questions for Steph Curry and his wife along with 2 Chainz and his wife. You answer the questions by drinking red or blue Gatorade, and the goal is for couples to drink the same color at t LaMarcus Aldridge he same time to show unity in their answers. The fact I was able to sit through such an awful experience should speak volumes as to my love fo luka doncic jersey card r y’all and completing the mission. I lost time I can never get back.

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2022 NBA All-Star - MTN DEW 3-Point Contest Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images


So Desmond Bane starts off the main event of the evening, which would be the three-point shootout. Bane scored only 18 points. He really never had a strong rhythm on a particular rack to say which one he should’ve used his mine balls on.

CJ McCollum chose to go with his money rack last when he probably should’ve used it thought out of the gate. He still managed to finish one point ahead of Bane with 19 points.

luka doncic merch Luke Kennard went 4/5 on his money rack, and he used it last. He finished with 28 points to finish with the highest total in the first round.

Zach LaVine was the last of the four, and he finished with the lowest shooting score thus far, as he hit only 14 points — which landed him an elimination and sparred Bane.

However Patty Mills is forever a Memphis heartbreaker. He scored 21 to eliminate Desmond Bane, and be increased my disdain for him even further. Patty has contributed to many painful moments in my lifetime. Tonight he added another one. Karl Anthony Towns came out smoking in the final round. He scored a fast 29 points to start the final round. 29 points eclipsed the previous record of 28 points in the final round, so KAT had the best final round in NBA Three-Point shootout history to win it all this year. He got the trophy he wanted to further his claim as the greatest shooting big man of all time.

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The Musical Performance was lacking to say the least. The NBA ran the DJ Khaled effect into the ground 3 years ago. Thank God for Migos and Ludacris saving the show. They could’ve swapped Khaled for Memphis own DJ Mic Tee and gotten a better show at this point. Ryan Minds TV would’ve been far more entertaining with his moves and a luka doncic jersey kids tank top Memphis Jookin Apple Music Playlist.


The Dunk Contest started, and Cole Anthony wore his father’s Knicks jersey and dunked in Timberland boots in ode to his hometown luka doncic green jersey New York City. All he was missing was a durag and a pet rat to throw his lob passes instead of his dad Greg Anthony.

Obi Toppin did a standard dunk. Nothing special or even to speak on. Juan Tuscano-Anderson came out with a nice dunk to start the round and ended up in a tie with Obi Toppin for the high score at 44 a piece.

Jalen Green came out with a NFT on a chain, which I thought he would wear in his dunks but he didn’t. Maybe he should’ve because he couldn’t connect on a dunk between his legs to save his life in his first four attempts. Honestly this may have been the most cringeworthy dunk contestant I’ve ever seen, as he couldn’t get anything to go right.

Right before Green’s eighth & last attempt, Lil Baby was seen on camera saying “It’s time up” as Lil Wayne sat next to him crying laughing. Jalen finally does an excellent windmill, but he had long ruined the crowd’s buzz by then. Somehow he survived the first round with a score of 38 points. I thought his score was too friendly considering the number of attempts he took, but then again I guess you can commend him for hanging in there.

In the second round, Jalen kept it more simple and ended up with all nine’s across the board with a 45. Cole Anthony had a crazy attempt but couldn’t connect on his three attempts which got him a score of all six’s across the board for a 30.

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Juan Tuscano-Anderson did a 360-windmill for his attempt, which landed him a 43, and 87 overall after Kids NBA Clothing the second round.

Obi Toppin threw the ball off the glass and went in between his legs for a reverse slam. He got all nine’s across the board except for Clyde Drexler who gave him a 10. Obi finished with a 46 in the second round and a 90 score total. Obi’s score was a 45 in the third round by the way.

Final round was between Obi Toppin and Juan Tuscano-Anderson

Juan Tuscano-Anderson went first as he put on the Jason Richardson jersey, as he attempted to do Jason’s dunk off the back of the backboard, but failed on all Al Horford attempts.

Obi Toppin kept it a lil more simple in the final round, as he did a nice — but not too risky — between-the-legs windmill to win the AT&T slam dunk contest for 2022. Hall Of Famer Reggie Miller even stated during the contest that Kenny “The Jet” Smith could win the dunk contest right now in his current physical state. That lets you know how much competition Obi had to win this one, if we’re being honest.

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