2022 maverick jerseys NBA Draft Prospect Profile: Dalen Terry

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Over the next week, GBB will be profiling various players the Memphis Grizzlies may target in the 2022 draft. We’ll primarily look at who they may pick with the 22nd and 29th pick, or with a pick from a possible trade-up in the draft.


6’7, 7’0 Wingspan, 195 pounds, 20 years old from Tempe, ArizonaSophomore year at Arizona: In 37 games (Started All 37) 27.8 minutes per game, 8.0 points per game on 50.2% shooting from the Field (36.4% from 3, 73.6% Free Throw) 4.8 rebounds per game, 3.9 assists per game, 1.2 steals per game, 0.3 Blocks per gameAWARDS and ACCOLADES: 2021-2022PAC-12 All DEFENSE selectionSTATS OF STRENGTH (per Tankathon): Assi luka doncic authentic jersey sts: (5.1 per 36 min NBA Tailgate Supplies ), Assists/Turnover Ratio: (2.84 per 36 min), Effective Field Goal Percentage: (56.3% per 36 min)STATS TO IMPROVE (per Tankathon): POINTS (10.4 per 36 min) USAGE%: (14.1% per 36 min) Free Throws: (73% per 36 min)CURRENT BIG BOARD RANKINGS: 25th (Tankathon), 26th (The Ringer), 25th (ESPN), 24th (CBS Sports), 28th (The Athletic)

Dalen Terry is a tenacious sophomore whom certainly fits the “jack of all trades, master of bone” mantra. The Tempem Arizona native didn’t produce in extremely high volume, but that could be a result of how he was utilized (or underutilized for that matter) as a Wildcat. As a result he was able to produce very efficiently in the role he was given as a playmaking defender. He was also the spirit animal of the team due to his “all in” effort on both ends of the floor. His effort is what makes his teammates respect him, as he is a constant irritant to opposing players and consistently looks to make plays for others, if nothing else on the other end as well.

Dalen Terry didn’t score much — just over eight points per game — but he does boast a 56.3% Effective Field Goal Percentage. Terry also shot 36% from 3, although his attempts from deep were kind of low (2.7 per 36 min) when considering his playing time was around 27 minutes per game. What he didn’t do in scoring he made up for everywhere else, which is why I compare him to a guard/wing version of Draymond Green.

It’s very possible Memphis doesn’t have another rookie on the roster next season. The Grizzlies are now contenders, whom many feel could’ve won a championship this year under different circumstances. That said, they may not have the room on roster to wait abnd develop another rookie. If they do draft a rookie, my guess is that it will be a Tyus Jones insurance policy like Kennedy Chandler.

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But Dalen Terry can make an impact for the Memphis Grizzlies

Areas Of Strength

Feel of the game is certainly Terry’s biggest strength. For a sophomore, and for his size handling the ball as much as he did, Terry has proven to be an efficient decision-maker. His assists:turnover ratio was 2.84, reflecting his reliability as an offensive playmaker.

Passing are another strength of Dalen Terry, which speaks to his selflessness, awareness, and skillset. He isn’t a primary point guard yet per se, but he certainly makes the smart pass and doesn’t jeopardize or waste possessions. Terry luka doncic apparel averaged nearly four assists (3.9 per game) on a team that featured a ball-dominant scorer in Bennedict Mathurin. His gravity pull to draw defenders towards him in transition and kick the ball accordingly makes for a high-level passer. His back-door passing to cutters is phenomenal. In fact, he’s one of the best passers in this draft.

Defensively he’s a DAWG. He’s highly intelligent and always attacking the offense. Even in NBA draft workouts, reports are coming out about how Dalen Terry has been hounding guys in workouts. His energy is so contagious on defense, he’ll make anyone standout whom isn’t giving maximum effort. If you are a shaky ball-handler, stay in the corner and pray you’re not forced to score against Dalen Terry. While finishing the seasons with 0.82 in Defensive Win Shares and a 94 Defensive rating, one can say he was the catalyst for Arizona’s defense this season.

His 56.3% effective field goal percentage suggests that he is pretty skilled as a finisher around the basket despite his lack of scoring production. He also shot jus dallas mavericks luka doncic jersey t over 50% from the field this past season. Terr NBA Tank Tops y doesn’t take shots as nearly often as a coach would hope, but when he does, he’s pretty efficient making them.

Dalen Terry’s activity on the court is always high, thus the high amount of rebounds he averages (6.1 rebounds per 36 min) for a backcourt player. Terry is all over the floor on both ends, always looking to make the right play and as a result gets a lot of rebounds. This creates opportunities for offense which leads to Terry racking up assists. Terry is great at rebounding and creating offense in transition as a playmaker. He is aware of where the ball is at all times, even in the air which allows him to use his length and athleticism to secure boards and more opportunities for his team.

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Physically he has the tools to be cool. Terry boasts a 7’0” wingspan at 6’7”. He’s pretty explosive and uses two feet to finish around the rim. He weighs only 195 pounds, however he makes up for that with heart, activity and awareness. He may not be able to play much in the front court today, but he has the tools to eventually be a position-less player.

Areas Of Improvement

Dalen Terry has a serious issue scoring points, which bodes well with the Draymond Green comparison. He averaged only eight points per game as a sophomore, despite playing over 27 minutes per game in a backcourt featuring a big scorer that forced defenses to leave Terry wide open at times. He lacks confidence in his shooting as well.

Dalen Terry needs to get more reps as a scorer. He won’t ever lead the NBA in scoring. However, ideally he will need to be at luka doncic hawks jersey least a double-digit scorer. This will allow him to truly pose as an offensive threat that opens up the floor for others to be able to score. His mavs new jerseys shooting form is decent so again it’s more so a lack of reps that create his insecurities as a shooter. His ball-handling is solid e NBA Finals Champs Gearnough to create shots for himself, especially with his physical tools but as of now, he will hold that ball for a pass instead of taking great shots. I must add that his confidence seemed to pick up as the season went along, so there is hope for improvement as a scorer. In his last five games at Arizona, Terry averaged over 13 points per game. This was slightly over a +3 increase in his projected points per game (10.4) per 36 minutes.

As a result of his lack of scoring, Terry is often underutilized and this lead to a very poor PER rating. Ironically PER is usually an inflated stat for most players at the college level. Terry is very active, but not so much as an off-ball offensive players. He lacks the instinct to consistently look to get open off ball and force the ball to come his way for easier scoring.

His projected NBA shooting from deep is expected to be around 36% as of now. That’s pretty solid for a guy with his shooting issues. It also suggests that his jumper is solid, but again he needs the reps shooting to know he truly has a burner. He was still able to become arguably Arizona’s most important player down the stretch of their Sweet 16 run.

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Fit with the Grizzlies

I don’t think the Grizzlies bring in two rookies, or possibly not even one for that matter. However theoretically speaking, Dalen Terry can certainly become the replacement of Kyle Anderson and/or De’Anthony Melton. Like both current Grizzlies players, Terry has a natural feel for the game. He’s always looking to make a play and he usually makes the right plays which is kinda understated when referring to draft prospects.

Terry certainly has starter potential long term. He can become an All-Defensive player and a very versatile, productive glue guy offensively. This allows him to play with the likes of Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson Jr. Dalen’s secondary ball-handling allows Ja the chance to slide over and focus on scoring offensively, while Terry picks up the slack defensively and as a playmaker. As he becomes more confident, he will become more of a floor-spacer for Ja that allows him more room to score in the paint. In the case of Jaren, Terry can also serve as a playmaker who spots up when guys try to help out on Jackson when he attacks the basket. Terry also allows Bane to get open and be the deadeye shooter he has become known for.

As the roster currently stands, Terry would almost certainly spend at least some time in Southaven. However, his defense and playmaking can always be used, and last season the Grizzlies did a great job finding minutes for a useful Ziaire Williams — who had a far worse reputation of efficiency and even scoring coming out of Stanford last year. However, it ultimately depends on what the Grizzlies do with the roster this summer.

Only time will tell…

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