2022 GBB Consensus Massive Board: 31-40 – Grizzly Bear Bl luka doncic jersey black ues

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The Grizzly Bear Blues consensus big board is back up and running for the 3rd consecutive year. We compiled 7 big boards across our staff to come up with a consensus top-58 big board. It’s 58 instead of 60 because of the silly rule of teams forfeiting their picks for tampering.

Breaking them down in groups of 10 (or 8) we’ve already covered picks 51-58, as well as picks 41-50 yesterday.

Up next we look at picks 31-40 and the prospects who could be potential Grizzlies targets if they look to move up from 47th in the second round.

Participants: Parker Fleming, Brandon Abraham, Shawn Coleman, Ben Hogan, Jesse Cinquini, Greg Ratliff, and EdMemphis.

31) Jake LaRavia, Forward, Wake Forest

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Check out Parker Fleming’s Prospect Profile on LaRavia here.

High (23): LaRavia is going to have a few problems at the next level with his athleticism and quickness, but he’s such a perfect role player for a winning team. He can score in multitude of ways — in the league, it’ll be as a cutter and spot-up shooter, but he also has nifty footwork in the post. His defense should also be an asset at the next level, having a knack for making plays on that end. Epitome of a winning role player. — Parker Fleming

Low (33): EdMemphis

32) Wendell Moore Jr., Wing, Duke

Check out Brendan Smart’s Prospect Profile on Moore here.

High (24): Moore’s projection as a late-first, early-second round selection is likely due to the fact that he is more of a high floor than significant ceiling type player. However, Moore likely also brings a bit more certainty than many other prospects at that point of the night. He can shoot, he can defend, a he has shown the ability to improve. Moore is the type of two-way luka doncic jersey youth role player many winning teams would love to have on a rookie contract. — Shawn Coleman

Low (33): Moore has a decent, yet inconsistent shot. Could be a 3 and D guy eventually but he’s definitely better without the ball in his hands right now. — Greg Ratliff

33) Christian Braun, Wing, Kansas

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Check out Brandon Abraham’s Prospect Profile on Braun here.

High (26): EdMemphis

Low (34): Braun epitomizes the phrase “jack of all trades, master of none.” He does a bit of everything on the court — pass, rebound, shoot threes, defend — but nothing at a truly elite level. I’m not sure what Braun’s signature NBA skill is or if he even has one, so I’m skeptical about whether he’s worth an early second-round selection. — Jesse Cinquini

34) Christian Koloko, Big, Arizona

High (28): Players of Christian Koloko’s archetype — highly-efficient rim-runners and rim-protectors — tend to succeed. Of any big man outside the top 20, he has the best chance to thrive. If he gets into the right infrastructure either in the late 1st or early 2nd round, he’s going to be a nice draft steal. — Fleming

Low (37): I think Koloko can be a really fine NBA player, but I struggle putting a guy who is fairly limited very high on my board. Koloko struggled his first two seasons at Arizona before blowing up last year. He’ll be a solid rim protector and can crash the boards on both ends, but I just don’t see him having an incredibly large impact outside of the restricted area. — Brandon Abraham

35) Trevor Keels, Wing, Duke

High (32): Keels is a basketball player in a football-player Devin Booker body. He has a knack for attacking the basket luka doncic jersey womens relentlessly and has shown the ability to be a solid secondary facilitator if he’s not finishing his drives to the rim. He needs to improve as a shooter but his form gives me enough reason to believe he can at last become average away from the basket. He would be a fun player in transition. — Abraham

Low (40): Solid defender, decent playmaker, but not a very good shooter. He’s young, so the shot isn’t broken, but luka doncic jersey for kids he needs some work. — Ratliff

36) Max Christie, Wing, Michigan State

Check out Parker Fleming’s Prospect Profile on Christie here.

High (25): Of any struggling freshman outside the lottery, Christie has the best chance to avenge those woes. He should find a niche as a 3-and-D guard/wing off the bench that defends multiple positions, hits spot-up 3’s, and has d luka doncic jersey black oses of creation off the dribble. He still needs to add strength and to find shooting consistency, but he could carve himself a nice role in the league. — Fleming

Low (37): There is plenty to like with Max Christie. His potential seems to be something that is worth betting on for the right team despite his lack of consistency at Michigan State. However, if his shot does not NBA Bobbleheads add immediate value at the next level, it may take him a bit of time to become a part of a rotation, which is perfectly fine for a second round pick. There is plenty to like in Christie’s game; it just may take a bit longer for him to add value in multiple areas than it will others in this draft. — Coleman

37) Ismael Kamagate, Big, Paris

High (41): At 6’11”, Kamagate was a dominant interior scorer and switchable defender in France’s Pro A league. Last season, Kamagate scored a whopping 1.42 points per possession at the rim in the half-court, per NBA.com, as he utilized his enormous stature to throw down dunks and lobs inside. He’s still incredibly raw, but his physical tools and potential could make him worth someone’s while in the second round. – Cinquini

Low (43): To be honest, I don’t know that much about Kamagate. In doing research, I found that he is worth a draft spot and his ceiling could push teams to possibly taking a flier on him in the first round. I just think there are too many questions to do that. He still needs to develop a feel for the game as he can get into foul trouble early, a NBA Sweatpants nd NBA vets will be able to take advantage of him. luka doncic jersey adult small Ben Hogan

38) Josh Minott, Forward, Memphis

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Check out Ben Hogan’s Prospect Profile on Minott here.

High (36): Josh’s stats on the surface are somewhat unimpressive, but when broken down to per-36 minutes a game, he looks much better. Explosive athlete, above-average shooter, solid defender. Could be a rotation player on Day One with the right team. — Ratliff

Low (42): This was a tough spot for me. I do love his potential, and I said as much in his draft profile earlier this month. I also mentioned he would benefit from a year in the G-League to polish some parts of his game. He could very well be a top 20 player in this draft, or a guy that bounces around the league because of potential that was never realized. — Hogan

39) David Roddy, Forward, Colorado State

Check out Andrew Katz’s Prospect Profile on Roddy here.

High (35): EdMemphis

Low (47): With Roddy, there is plenty of like to his offensive game and his athleticism for his size. However, I am a bit skeptical of his shot creation and three point accuracy transitioning to the NBA. If those things do emerge in time, he could be a steal. Also, at his size, if he is not creating turnovers on defense, will be able to add value on the defensive end against quicker talents? For me, that remains to be seen. — Coleman

40) Jean Montero, Guard, Overtime Elite

Nike Hoop Summit Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

High (36): Montero is foremost a crafty and relentless finisher at the rim. He can complete layups through tight angles and is ambidextrous. Additionally, Montero has proven to be a capable isolation scorer off the dribble, both from the mid-range and beyond the three-point line. He screams dependable bench scorer to me, maybe more if he can improve his defense. — Cinquini

Low (47): I have a bad time putting a ton of stock into a guy who left a Spanish league to join the weaker Overtime Elite and then still relatively struggle there. Montero has a ton of potential but it’s not an easy route to see him reach it. He’s undersized which will make him a liability on defense and although he is explosive on offense, I struggle seeing him being able to finish at the NBA level. — Abraham

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