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A publication of the Southern African HIV Clinicians Society

                                                                                   Protecting healthcare workers
                                                                                   during the COVID-19 pandemic

                                                                                   Gender-affirming healthcare:
                                                                                   Our ethical response

                                                                                   Challenges faced by trans
                                                                                   and gender-diverse people in
                                                                                   accessing public healthcare

                                                                                   Harm reduction for people
                                                                                   who use drugs in Southern

                                                                                   Can nursing contribute to
                                                                                   realising the treatment and
                                                                                   prevention targets of the NSP
                                                                                   2017 – 2022

                                                                                   Improving access to private
                                                                                   healthcare in South Africa:
                                                                                   The Quadcare model and
                                                                                   community healthcare services


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             HIV Nursing Matters October 2020 Vol. 11
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