HIV Nursing Matters

  • HIV Nursing Matters Vol 9 No 2
    28 Dec 2018

    Undetectable equals untransmittable (U=U); Implications for clinical practice; Breastfeeding with HIV - Truths and Myths; Sexuality and (mis)information among young women; Adolescent- and youth-friendly health services; Asymptomatic STIs – Consequences of not being treated

  • HIV Nursing Matters Vol 9 No 1
    27 Aug 2018

    Viral load monitoring in children with HIV: Do’s and Don’ts; Fundamental steps in the clinical assessment of HIV positive patients; HIV self-screening: Early implementation progress; Taking a clinical sexual history in MSM and transgender key populations

  • HIV Nursing Matters Vol 8 No 2
    31 Dec 2017

    The role of a clinician in health systems strengthening; Health systems strengthening: What about mental health?; The Sustainable Development Goals; Clinical HIV/AIDS Services Strengthening (CHASS) Project in Mozambique; HIV re-testing and viral load monitoring during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

  • HIV Nursing Matters Vol 8 No 2
    31 Dec 2017

    HIV SELF-SCREENING: What it is and how to integrate it into HIV Testing Services

  • HIV Nursing Matters Vol 8 No 1
    01 May 2017

    Optimising ART in the 21st century; Dolutegravir: The game changer?; Safer conception service for HIV-affected couples; Two breakthrough studies in TB health care

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